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Accommodation in London - Uxbridge House London

Uxbridge House is the perfect accommodation in London if you are planning a long term stay in London. Situated near to Uxbridge Station (Zone 6) in a peaceful and safe neighbourghood, Uxbridge House provides the perfect accommodation for your family in London and is Studios-london.com Uxbridge Housethe perfect place "to come back home" in the evening, after a long day at work in the busy city of London.

The House has been recently refurbished and offers 5 bedrooms which accomodate up to 6 people. Whether you are a family with children or a group of people who want to share a flat in a less busy area than central London but with easy access to the city centre (Metropolitan and Piccadilly Lines operate here), the Uxbridge House is the right choice for you. Additionally, the Uxbridge House has a big garden where you can relax during the upcoming spring and summer days having barbeques and sitting in the fresh air. On cold winter evenings the comfortable living room with a nice fireplace lends itself perfectly for spending a nice evening on the couch.

Perfect Accommodation for Students in London

Studios-london Uxbridge House London

With its spacious rooms, garden and easy access to the city centre, the Uxbridge House in London is perfect also for students of the Brunel University since the house is located immediately nearby it. If you are studying at the Brunel University and are looking for a flat share where to live and study with your friends, the Uxbridge House provides the perfect accommodation for students willing to live and study in London.

Imagine the great comfort of having an accommodation close to your university! Saving money on local transport, having more time and the possibility to sleep longer in the morning are only some of the many advantages. You and your friends will live in a house on your own, with 5 bedrooms and a big garden where you can organize barbeques or parties and evenings studying during the mild English summer nights. Sharing a House in London is a great experience,since you will have the chance to create life-long friends and have the best time of your life!

Easy access to London Heathrow Airport

If you love travelling or have to travel frequently for business reasons, the Uxbridge House is perfect for you due to its convenient location not far from London Heathrow Airport. Travelling to and from London has never been easier if you stay at the Uxbridge House. You will have just a 10min drive to one of the world's biggest and busiest airports. London Heathrow Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the world's third busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic.

Imagine you have your flight in the early morning: if you lived in central London, you would have to leave in the middle of the night in order to get to the airport in time; living in the Uxbridge House would mean having to leave just a couple of minutes before the time when you are supposed to be in the airport, not even having to bother and get anxious about the traffic in London.

Uxbridge House Rent Conditions and Prices

  • Minimum stay: 3 months
  • Price per Month: £2100

    Please enter the date of arrival and length of stay to check availability.

Book now! Click here for a short term stay (less than 28 days) or click for a long term booking!

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