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Cheap Accommodation in London for Students

Come to London and gain valuable experience for your future!

London student apartementLiving in an international city like London with many well-known universities will enable you to enhance your knowledge on both a professional and a personal level. Let us organize your stay in London and the only thing you will have to worry about will be your studies!

Clearly, the jobmarket waiting for you after university is highly competitive and the expectations of employers are constantly increasing. Therefore, an exchange programme which gives you the chance to gain international experience is one of the most important things for graduates nowadays. England, and especially London, is one of the most important financial and business centres in the world, therefore it is an excellent place to study and to improve your English.

Living and studying in London is a great investment in your future career and a chance you should not miss!


Studios-London.com is specialized London student apartement in providing long-term student accommodation in London for students on exchange programmes or doing an internship in London.. We understand the needs of our students and we find the most suitable flats and flat shares in London that exactly meets their needs. Finding an affordable and conveniently located apartment in a city like London can be a distressing experience, especially if you are coming from another country.

With a large network of partners, we will be able to find accommodation in London which meets all your expectations. We are directly cooperating with different universities in London and we know how difficult it can be for exchange students in London to combine studying and private life in an expensive city like London. Let us help you with organizing your stay in London and make your life as easy as possible.

Our Services

It is very important for us at Studios-London.com to make sure our customers are satisfied. Not just on your arrival day, but during your whole stay our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Additionally you will not have to deal with confusing and time-consuming paperwork you have to fill in when applying for a room at one of the universities in London. Most contracts done by universities are time-restricted contracts meaning you are not allowed to stay in your cheap accommodation in London after the end of your exchange programme. Renting a studio or flat share with Studios-London.com enables you to extend your contract for your student accommodation in London. We mention that for a good reason: when the time comes to go back home, many exchange students who were supposed to stay in London only for a short exchange programme, find it very difficult to leave this city after an unforgettable experience at university.

Our Student Studio Apartments

We are offering cheap studios and flat shares in Central London and also outside of the centre (most in London Zone 1 and London Zone 2).These serviced apartments we are offering in London are only available for a minimum of 28 days.

The flat shares in London can have 2,3 and 4 bedrooms. london student apartement You will be sharing these flats in London with other exchange students in a flat share, which is the most common type of accommodation in London and the most popular amongst students. Living in a flat share gives you the opportunity to get to know new people and -in most cases- make new friends, which is always great when you are new somewhere. The people who stay in our London accommodations are friendly and interesting students, just like you. That means that if you choose our accomodations in London, you will definitely have a lot of fun and friendly flamates. You will probably feel at home in London within a few days! The only rooms you are using together in the flat shares in London are the kitchen and the bathroom. You will of course have your own room with wireless Internet and TV in your student accommodation in London. This cheap accommodation in London is affordable and suitable for open-minded, sociable people!

If you prefer a more private environment for the duration of your exchange london student apartement programme in London, you should stay in one of our cheap studios in London. All of them are provided with their own kitchen and bathroom, which means you will have your own space and the perfect environment to focus on your studies.

Both student studios and flats in London are within walking distance to universities, bars, supermarkets and pubs. Additionally, all the famous sights in London are only a short bus or tube ride away and you will be able to experience the full entertainment programme London has to offer.

We are offering different special student discounts on our cheap accommodations in London depending on your requirements and length of stay. However, you can be assured that our prices are fair and affordable. If you want a nice but affordable place to stay in London to make the most of your stay in London as an exchange student, do not spend any more precious time looking for a room and book your student accommodation in London with us right now! Either for long-term stay or short term stay!

Feel free to contact us for any further information: Studios-london.com !

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